The Provider follows traveling abortion provider, Dr. Shannon Carr, as she travels to work in Dallas, Texas to perform legal and safe abortions despite the vigorous anti-abortion stigma. In 2013, a Texas bill named House Bill Two (HB2) was passed which effectively closed down nearly two thirds of the state’s abortion clinics. These laws have become the biggest threat to women’s healthcare since before Roe vs. Wade.


The Provider examines these laws by telling the stories of those most affected by them.  Dr. Shannon Carr travels every week from New Mexico to Dallas to one of the few clinics remaining in Texas. When asked why she continues to provide in a very hostile environment, Dr. Carr responded, “It is the stories that drive us.” Dr. Carr chooses to work in this area to help the women who need it most. It is the stories or life circumstances behind every patient that pushes Dr. Carr to continue to provide abortions, fight against legislation, and stigma surrounding abortion doctors.