On the divide

The only abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley has been a battleground for women’s reproductive rights.

ON THE DIVIDE, a character-driven documentary, follows clinic workers, protesters and security guards on the frontline of the pro-life and pro-choice movements. 


Rey Clinic Guard.png

From the team that brought you the SXSW hit, The Provider, comes On The Divide, which goes beyond the abortion debate to show the complex identities of everyday warriors.

The Latinx border community of McAllen, Texas sits squarely on the front lines of America’s abortion debate. Whole Woman’s Health McAllen is the last remaining abortion clinic in the Rio Grande Valley. Women seeking reproductive healthcare in the Rio Grande Valley, many of them undocumented, are often unable to receive care as they must travel through border checkpoints to get to the nearest clinic, which is over 250 miles away in San Antonio. Our film shows the humanity and complexity of people whose positions on abortion are not fixed - even those who have switched sides on where they stand.

In essence, this film is a microcosm of our current political climate, showcasing how access, immigration, status, race, sexuality, gender identity, and  religion, all intersect around the issue of reproductive healthcare. We illuminate the gray area around the abortion debate, and follow people who don't fit neatly on either side of the line.


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Our project is listed as "The Last Clinics"